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Removing Stained Glass Sidelights (DIY project)

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Rose stained glass sidelights are my pet peeve.  So guess what we did today?  Yup, took 'em down.

I found these roses old fashioned and out of date. My poor mom was so sad to hear this because she really liked them and in her words "It can be cost prohibitive to have them made!" In the true spirit of someone who's frugal and practical, she thought that by nature of them being A) unbroken and B) costing money I should just love them in all their Beauty and the Beast rosey goodness. eh. sorry, Ma.

We want to try to sell them on CL or maybe bequeath them to my mom since she loves them so much (and she does sort of sound like Mrs. Potts) so we wanted to take them out very carefully.

There was a small quarter round molding holding the glass in place against the door moldings and casings. I sliced through the layers of paint in the seams. That's the picture at the top.

Once all the paint was cut through, we gently pried the quarter round off and pulled out any nails that were left behind.  I hurt my back badly this week so I was only able to help that far. Jim took over and used a screw driver to pry off the quarter round. He placed a wedge under it to protect the casing.

After the molding was removed, we pulled out the clips that were holding the window frame inside the sidelight casing with a needle nosed pliers.

Jim just lifted it right out! Not one problem!

Um, ok, maybe one problem. The part of the sidelight that was covered with the stained glass is a different color than the rest of the trim. Well, we are planning on painting it all soon anyway. I'm just glad to have a clean, simple look now that feels more modern to me!

So that's a pet peeve gone!  What are some of yours?  Here are some more of mine:

  • when people  eat fast food burgers by peeling the wrapper back bit by bit as they eat instead of unwrapping the whole thing (I have NO reason for this one)
  • when both shows I'm flipping between have commercials on at the same time
  • Caillou and his infernal whining
  • the sound of fingernails being clicked together
  • when my dishtowels are not folded neatly in the kitchen
  • the word "toenail"

So there you go.

We missed a fun birthday party today for a friend's little girl because of my dumb back issues. So the girls were housebound and bored all day. They built a tent and played camp out for a long while. Well, they played until Ellie decided it was more fun to pull the tent down than it was to play under it. It's SO much more fun if your older sister is shrieking "STOP IT, ELLIE!"

Here are a few fuzzy pics from the two who must not stop moving ever.

And lastly, what did I do all day?  Well, Jim was out securing the house against the impending hurricane and I was in too much discomfort to do much of anything so I tried to get Molly to help me put together a
91 piece foam haunted house. Yeah, it wasn't the mother-daughter bonding I had hoped for. She declared it was boring and left so I completed it myself (in 2 hours).  I. am. a. loser. Oh and I was left with one large piece leftover. Of course I was, right? 

Hope you are all happy, healthy, and may you not be left with any pieces left over!



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