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New Dining Room Chairs

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Don't you love when fate steps into your decorating?  Maybe divine intervention?  I do!  My new dining room chairs (tufted parsons chairs) are my newest run in with fate!

A few week's ago I was cruising around Home Goods and saw two of these dark gray tufted parson's chairs. I loved the velvety fabric (microfiber I think) and the color was so pretty. They were more than I was hoping to spend, even at Home Goods so I passed them by.

But they kept nagging at me. Would they still be there?  Would they be in some other person's dining room?  My chairs in someone else's dining room. It felt so wrong!  So yesterday I went back to get them out of my system.  I figured they would be gone and I could forget about them.

WRONG!  They were there, smiling at me, and pretty much hopping by themselves into my car.

I'm so happy they did. I am in love with them. I haven't bought a piece of new furniture in years. I didn't have to paint, sand, reupholster, nothing!  And no one owned these before me!  I feel like a rock star!

Well, then I had another dilemma. What do I do with my table?  I need to pretty it up. I had these 4 gray ruffled place mats from my Valentine's Day tablescape but I really wanted a runner. So I lined 'em up and there you go.

I am sitting in my dining room as I type this and I'm feeling happy and content. And my neighbor gave us a homemade apple pie tonight, Jim ran out and got ice cream for it, and came back with the sweetest, prettiest bouquet of pink flowers for all his girls. 

I worry so much about making a home that's pretty and that won't put us in the poor house. But in reality, my home is perfect in its imperfection because what really makes me happy is my husband and our daughters.  And I know you all feel this in a similar way. 

(but between us...gray parsons chairs don't hurt, do they!)

Can't wait to visit you this week and see what loveliness you are blogging about!



  1. They're beautiful Jenny and look perfect in your dining room ( and no, gray velvet tufted skirted parsons dining room chairs definitely don't hurt lol )

  2. Well that is really new to us that the chairs in the dining area is a sofa like. Well, it looks like it really suites in your dining area.

  3. Love your chairs!!!! I can't remember the last time I bought a new piece of furniture either. Oh wait... Yes, I can. Our couch. Six years ago when we moved into our house. That's a looooooong time. I fell in love with some chairs at Pier 1 this summer. Nagged at me for weeks, but I resisted the urge. Now you're making me think about them again. Darn it. LOL!!!!

  4. The chairs are gorgeous and look lovely in your dining room! And the "runner" is awesome...and practical, too! I love the look! And I'm sure the pie and ice cream looked great, too!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, those chairs are fabulous! Love the colors and yes, they are so Marni!Your dining chairs should offer both comfort and style. You will want to be able to enjoy eating a meal around it, but also have your family and your guests be comfortable.

  6. I love those chairs, they are exactly what i'm looking for. Do you know who manufactures them?


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