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I'm too pooped to party

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I have the flu. drat. I was in bed all day and while I feel better now,  it was ugly for a while.  I don't understand why I get sick when my mom never got sick once growing up. I thought moms were immune to getting sick! 

The worst part is that I am missing a Halloween party at our local high school. It sounded so cute and the girls were so excited to go. Our neighbors were going too and we always have such a good time with them.  So while everyone is at the party, playing games, eating fun Halloween food, having a costume parade, and painting pumpkins, I'm sitting here watching reruns of Who's The Boss (which really is a good show. Shows were so sweet back then weren't they? ) in my nightgown. Fantastic.

I was glad the girls got to go since we are bracing for Hurricane Sandy to hit this week. I'm expecting our Halloween to be a mess of power outages, generators, and downed trees so we won't be trick-or-treating. And as you may remember, Molly's birthday is on Halloween too and she got the best costume for her birthday/Halloween.  She has been dying to go as Rapunzel but not just Rapunzel. Rapunzel as a bride. Rapunzel was never a bride in Tangled. You can see her as a bride for  about 30 seconds in a 10 minute short that Disney plays on Disney Jr. once in a while. So of course that's the Rapunzel she picks. Not the $20 purple Rapunzel dress that I can buy at Target. Nope. The only Rapunzel bride dress retails for $49 at The Disney Store.  Had she not been talking about it for a year and had it not been her birthday I wouldn't have bought it for her. But alas, she left in a flurry of gold glitter, veils, and long blond braids. 

Ellie went as Woodland Fairy Dora. She got the shaft this year. I wanted to make her a Minnie Mouse costume but I got sick and never got around to it. So I just grabbed a dress up dress she never wears.

I worry someday about buying my girls their prom and wedding gowns. I WANT to teach them to appreciate what they have and to not get too caught up in clothes, etc. And most of the time I accomplish it. But when it comes to a special dress?  I have no will power!  "Oh you want that $10,000 Vera Wang gown?  Gee let me think. OK!"

So I hope my East Coast buddies all stay safe during Sandy's wrath and keep us all in your prayers if you can! 


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  1. Both girls look adorable. I am glad to be able to say NO to a $10,000 wedding dress. :P


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