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Halloween T Shirt Pillow, Hurricane Sandy

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It's been a long few days. Thankfully, we escaped Sandy's wrath with little more than 10 hours without power and some downed or snapped trees. We are so lucky and grateful. In a quick drive around town today I saw homes with trees through the roof and downed wires everywhere.  I hope you find yourself safe and dry tonight.

A few weeks ago I was getting some of the girls' old clothes ready to sell or pack away and I came across the sweetest Halloween outfit, shirt and pants, that Molly wore when she was 12  months old. It was given to her by my friend and Molly looked so cute in it!  It was one of my favorite pieces of baby clothing for her.  Ellie never got a chance to wear it because their seasons and ages are way off.  So it was in great condition.

Well, I couldn't bear to get rid of it. I kept putting it in a box and then pulling it out again. How could I give it away?  Well, I didn't. I made it into a pillow by using fabric glue to glue it onto some felt and then finished it with some ribbon ruffles. I love it!

Here are some pictures of our backyard after Sandy came to visit. It's hard to see but mainly we have large branches and tops of some trees that we aren't sorry to lose because they were old.  My rock star husband was out literally all day with his chain saw taking care of business. Now we have neat and orderly piles according to debris type such as large branches, small branches, pine, etc. Which just shows you that opposites really do attract since I can't keep anything organized let alone the tree rubbish.

And I would like to gush a bit more about Jim right now. He took on the whole hurricane preparations himself since I hurt my back.

  • climbed up on our roof multiple times to blow out the gutters of clogging leaves
  • rigged tarps in strageic areas around our foundation to keep the deluge away
  • added extra length to our downspouts for the same reason 
  • moved our entire basement of boxes and stored things into the center of the room in case we got seepage 
  • readied the generator
  • moved plants, furniture, etc. to the garage
  • and got together all the miscellaneous stuff like flashlights, batteries, water, etc. 
This is half of our basement and our stuff.

And he did all that while he prepared meals for us, changed diapers, put kids to bed, oh yeah, and worked a full time job.  And then today he cut wood like a boss.

I've said it before but I'll never stop saying it. Jim is the best person I know. He is so selfless and so supportive and I'm not sure he can ever really understand how grateful I am that he's here with me and going through this whole life thing together. He's a good friend to have and great person to love. I don't mention it here but I have a handicap from a car accident that prevents me from being completely normal and he doesn't care. He never makes me feel less or like I'm a burden. He is exactly the husband I needed and I believe God knew that.  This blog is a slice of my life, not just the DIY or crafting slice, but one of my family as well and so if I gush about Jim or the girls now and then I feel like it's ok to do it here!



  1. Thank G-od you are all O.K
    Horrible storm!!
    So beautiful what you wrote about Jim....:) :)
    You're not the only lucky one, I think Jim is very lucky to have you. Not all wives appreciate their hubby as much as you do

    As for the pillows - I simply love your work :) :)


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