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Molly Turned 6, Cookies Need Not Be Pretty

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Yesterday was Molly's birthday!  She turned 6 and we are so so proud of her!

Cabin fever sets in fast. While we have power, NJ is still somewhat in a state of emergency and there are so many roads blocked in our town that getting around is hard.  What to do?  We've had tons of playdates with kids in the neighborhood, the house is clean, and the girls baked some cookies with me. Wanna see?  They aren't your typical home blogger type cookies. No fancy icing swirls, no brilliant colors, and not even all that appetizing looking! LOL!  But sometimes you just let the kids decorate the cookies and the blog be damned.

We filled some with chocolate chips too.

I also made about 10 of these fabric flowers and I think I'm going to use them on some Christmas projects.

And trick-or-treating has been suspended in our town until Monday. The kids were bummed but it's for the best. I'll have fun looking at all your pictures though!



  1. WOW! I haven't been on much in the last week so I missed that you're from NJ, but I HAVE been watching the coverage! So sorry for your state and the majority of New England. Thoughts are with you guys as you go through all of the aftermath. BTW... Your daughter is a doll - and cookies made by little kiddos are cuter than any professional's! :) Hope y'all can get out and about soon!

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