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Crib Skirt Tutorial (sewing project)

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Yesterday I showed you the new crib bedding I made for Ellie's bed and I promised you a tutorial or two on how I did it.  Today I'll show you how I made the crib skirt. It was easy and I love how it came out. I also know this method can be used on any size bed.

Crib Skirt Tutorial

Step 1
Measure the short and long sides of the platform. The mattress will be a tad shorter so make sure you are measuring where the skirt will lay which is the platform or box spring if you have one.  Add 1/2 inch or so to each side to allow for the seam where the skirt will meet this rectangle.

Step 2
Measure the length you need from the platform or box spring to the floor. Add 1-1/5 inches to allow for two seam allowances.

Step 3
Using your measurements from step 1, cut out a rectangle from plain fabric.   I folded my fabric in half long ways and then cut it out so that when I opened it up it was symmetrical. To do this, divide your short side number in half and measure that from the fold. But I don't think you must do this.  It will be covered by the mattress.  Set aside.

Step 4
Now we must make the ruffles. I only put ruffles on 3 sides since the back of her bed faces the wall. Hind sight being what it is, I would have left off the short sides since they are hidden by the rails of her bed. You decide how many ruffled sides you need based on how the bed is positioned. I wouldn't waste time and fabric making ruffles no one will ever see.

Take the measurements from step 1 and double them.   Cut out pieces of your pretty fabric using your doubled measurements for the length and your measurements (from mattress to floor) for the height.. How many pieces you'll need will depend on how many sides you want to ruffle. Since I wanted 3 sides I cut out two short side measurements and 1 long side.

Step 5
Make your hems on your ruffles. To do this, I folded the long side 1/4 inch and then another 1/4 inch, ironed it, and then sewed it.  I then did the same on both short ends.

Step 6
I made a ruffle by doing a long basting stitch on my sewing machine and pulling the bottom thread to gather.

Step 7
Right  sides together, sew the raw edge of the ruffles to the corresponding sides of the white rectangle.

2 short sides sewn on

Once all your ruffles are sewn, turn it right side up and place it under the mattress.  The ruffles aren't sew together so the legs of the bed, crib, etc. have room and the ruffles won't bump out.


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  1. Love it! You made it look so easy! Love the fabrics, too.


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