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An Introduction: Papa is a Preacher

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Hi friends! I'm excited to introduce you to my new blog friend, Larissa, who is guest blogging today!  I'm a firm believer (and I know you are too!) that we should be helping out our younger or newbie bloggers! Thanks!

I'm Larissa. I'm a Preacher's daughter, a sister, a friend, a blogger at Papa is a Preacher, and a homeschooler who's finishing up high school, you can read 'bout that here. I'm trying my best to finish school early so I can pursue my degree in Communications. I talk a lot, so I thought I'd better learn how to communicate with others so all my talking doesn't go to waste.
This, is me:

I've been called, silly, punk, nerd, dork, weird, and I unfortunately can't prove these terms wrong. I sing horribly, but I sing anyways. I bake, I write, I photograph, I travel, I love animals, I love Vintage, I move around a lot, and then I blog all about it. I love God. My Blog has no intention to push religion down your throat, but to show you that if you're not best friends with God yet, you're missing out. I hate misspellings, especially when I find it in my writing. I'm a grammar freak, and Literature lover. I mimic foreign accents, and pretend to be British.

This is Victor, also known as the Kid, Pooruruco, or anything else that comes to my mind:

 He's my little Brother. This kid is seriously amazing. If I had to chose a preteen to admire, this would be the one. He's a little smarty-pants genius, who's the reason I started this blog. To document his "witty" saying, which then evolved into blog posts about our daily life. He's incredibly patient with his older sister who nags on him in huge amounts. He knows it's because she loves him to death. I always push him to the furthest I believe he can go, he doesn't complain, but complies. He's loving, gentle, unbearably annoying, and irreplaceable. I can't stand him anymore than I can live without him. He loves Legos, Science experiments, games, and swimming.

This is the Preacher, also known as my father, also known as Eli T.:

He's a minister for our church, he's a preacher, a father, a husband, a role model, my mentor, my friend, my daddy. He's also the Secretary for our church Headquarters, which means he has a lot of responsibility, and occasionally travels for his job. This man is amazing. I admire/love him to death. Yes, he's still my hero and forever will be. Amen. Oh, and face it. He's just way handsome! He likes to cook, to spend time with his family, and to read and study. You can read more about him here.

This is the Preacher's wife, also known as my mother, also known as Lazara T.:
 This woman too is amazing. She's my mother, but we're more like best friends, except when she's lecturing me about going over the speed limit, then she's quite mother-ish. We watch reruns of Sullivan entertainment series then cry and share a tissue box. She's my constant companion, she's sweet, caring, and I admire her more than words can say. She loves tulips, reading, crafts, and cooking. You can read more about her here.

These are the main protagonists of the blog Papa is a Preacher.We're quite a weird lot, but we love each other, have faith in God, and we're pretty sure the more you read, the more you'll like us! Stick around!
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