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DIY Mercury Glass Tree

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I was browsing in Walmart the other day and found a large glass Christmas tree jar. The top comes off so I guess you can fill it with cookies or whatever. I filled it with creativity and made it into a DIY mercury glass Christmas tree! 

The tree cost me $3.97!  I plan on getting a few of the medium and small sizes too and using them on the mantel at Christmas.

I used the same method to mercury glass it as I did on my candle stick except I sprayed the inside of the container instead of the outside. Basically it's just a little mirror finish spray paint, a little vinegar, a paper towel, and that's it! 

I put a little LED tea light inside to make it glow and added some greens (courtesy of Hurricane Sandy) and some silk flowers I made.  Oh and the pine cones were from the 1000's Ellie filled my purse with during Molly's soccer game. Startin' em young.  Pretty soon Ellie will have her own blog:  Days of Poop and Tantrums.

So run out to Walmart and make some too!  Then blog about it and show me!


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