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Updates to Molly's Bedroom

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I'm making hurricane lemonade. What?  I mean that since Hurricane Sandy threw us a whole lotta lemons we had to make some lemonade out of it. So thanks to Sandy for giving me the time to get some stuff done around here.   She made us stay in the house a lot and so we got some little home projects going or finished up!  Jim planned and built a firewood rack and cleaned a ton. He is a web based business so when his company lost power he ended up with a week off of work!

I finished a curb alert nightstand for Molly's room and then stenciled a few little doo-dads on her closet doors (she has 4 doors because she has 2 closets) and on the side and top of the nightstand. 

This nightstand was u-g-l-y but really good quality. Someone was cleaning out their garage so I snapped it up. It's heavy as heck too. So I didn't do too much to it other than a light sanding and then some white spray paint.  I had the hardware left over from  our previous house. I still have to apply the wax to seal it.

We want to change out the closet doors one day but for now I just jazzed them up a bit.

Which brings me to something I wonder about you. Do your kids accept what you do in their rooms without question?  Do you ask for their decorating imput?  Do you let them make decorating decisions if they are old enough? Molly has expressed to me that she feels like she doesn't get any choice in the decorating of our house. The conversation actually went like this:

Molly:  Why does Mommy get to pick out everything?  Why is everything in the house HER style?  Why don't we ever get to decide what our house looks like?

Jim:  Because it's her house!

She wanted a hot pink room which I nixed and painted a lovely pale pink (Martha Stewart Ballet Slippers).  But I figured she should have a little say in her room so I let her pick out the stencil and she decided where it went and how much.  I wanted to put more on her nightstand but only wanted it in the mniddle of the top and sides. So I went with it. I would have done something different but it is her room after all.  It was hard to let go of the control, I won't lie!  But she's happy and she doesn't know that I am planning on changing out the hardware once again.  Shhhhhhh!

I am in the process of painting our trim in the foyer, going up the stairs, and eventually the second level. It is a stinky job but outcome is so shiny and pretty that it is worth it.  I am also working on some bedding for Ellie's room. Hopefully I'll have some more pictures for you soon!

Hope you are off to a great week!  We are celebrating Halloween this week since it got Sandyed out.   We go trick-or-treating on Monday and then we have Molly's Halloween parade at school on Tuesday. Fun stuff ahead!

See you!
 PS--Can you spot the mistake I made on the closet doors??  Look closely!  It isn't a stencil mistake exactly.... Check out these great blogs! I link up to them too...join in the linky love!

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  1. Once, I let each of my girls choose the decor for their bedrooms. This was when they were entering their teens. They loved those rooms! As married adults one Christmas, I gifted each girl with a box that was covered in their wallpaper. Both said they cried when they opened the gifts. ~ Maureen

  2. i let my daughter pick colors once she became a teenager but even now still go in and rearrage it drives her nuts but i love it lol sometimes she will agree i make the arrangement work better somestime not lol great job i had to go back to see door lol

  3. Beautiful pink bedroom and what a lovely transformation to that table--love the white and the clear glass knobs and handle you used.

  4. LOOOVVVEEE the name of your blog!! And this nightstand is perfect ;)

  5. Turned out great! I love painted furniture! Stopping by via Kammy's Korner.

  6. Love, love, love the nightstand and especially the glass knobs and pulls. Very feminine. The stenciling is great! The mistake you made? Is it that you have the double doors opening the wrong way??? Should the little finger holes be in the middle instead of the outside edges? Not sure. Looks wonderful!

  7. Great job! It looks fabulous! I'd love for you to share this at my link party Submarine Sunday. It's open until Friday @ 11:59pm. I hope you'll stop by!


  8. Great transformation! Looks beautiful! I'd like to invite you to share it at my party, Twirl & Take a Bow at www.houseontheway.com. I hope you can join in the fun!

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  10. WOW it is just gorgeous, doesn't even look like the same piece! Thanks for linking up.


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