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Another Friday Night With My Glue Gun

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Years ago, my girls and I would put on our make up, wear cute skirts, and go dancing on Friday nights. Then we'd hit the diner for fries with gravy and cheese. Those were the skinnier and single days. Now I hang out with my glue gun and listen to Jim watch Pawn Stars and eat Cheez-Its. Still good, in my opinion!  And I don't have to wear heels. Score!   My glue gun project tonight is actually the prize for a giveaway for next week!  I'm so excited!  As Jim is my only sponsor (ha ha ha...poor guy) I am making my prize and I think it's a cute idea. I hope you think so too.

Do you Pin? I Pin. You should Pin if you don't. I mean Pinterest, of course. I'm late to this whole thing but WOW!  It's so much fun!  Look at what I've pinned lately:

I have no intention of ever making these but I pinned it because I think it's great someone did.

The prettiest kitchen in the whole wide world.

Baked Apple Donuts. Hello there (said in a Barry White voice).

I've made these for Christmas and Valentine's Day but I love this idea! They are so cute!
And a good alternative to real candy corn which is yucky.

I'll follow you on Pinterest and you can follow me too!  I love seeing what everyone finds floating around the world wide web!

PS..I am pretty sure I linked all those pictures to the original blogs so if you want to make the swiffer things you can. While you're at it, make me some!   :  )

Saturday update:  This is what I found when I went in the girls' room to get them up.  Overnight they morphed into a mermaid (um, wearing a ski hat) and a fairy.  Clearly there were no elves cleaning the place up during the night though.

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