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Pillow Talk

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I had to go over to The House today. I am capitalizing it because I feel like it has a name now and it's The House. There is a huge difference in these two sentences:

Jenny is going to the house. (clearly, any old house)
Jenny is going to The House. (clearly the house she is trying to buy)

I had to go because they did get water in their basement during the hurricane and we went over to see what it looked like. Luckily it looked like the same dirty unfinished basement we looked at a few months ago!  But the upside of it all is that I had a really nice moment with the wife half of the selling pair and she is leaving us a table with a fantastic iron base, a chair, a television, and a ride-on mower. Yippee!

So I'm trying to spruce up some of our old furniture and our couch has seen better days. I mean really better days. Like my couch is now that pair of sneakers you made your husband throw out when you married him.   The couch had two of these

and now I have these two

I used cotton duck. I will NOT use that again. I ironed it a million times and it wrinkles so easily.

I've decided it needs more flowers. I'm the crazy flower lady and someday little kids will run past my house on the way home from school. "That's old crazy flower lady. She is always trying to hot glue flowers on my backpack!"  And I think I'm going to take off the big one and just do a bunch of the smaller rolled flowers. The big one looks like it belongs on a baby's stretchy headband...the one she wears along with a giant tutu.  What do you think? Keep it? Add more flowers? Take off the big one and do more rolled ones?

Have a great Friday and enjoy Labor Day and the long weekend!



  1. I love those flowers! Against the bright white they look so crisp and elegant. It may wrinkle easily, but it's beautiful to look at! I found your blog through the chic on a shoestring link party and I'm your newest follower!

    Brie from darlingdoodles.blogspot.com

  2. Love you blog!! I also think that the flowers look super cute the way that they are.



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