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Kitchen Progress

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Kitchen update!

 We bought a wallpaper steamer yesterday and we began to remove the wallpaper. Our process was developed in trial and error manner and it seems to be working. We start by peeling off the layer that has the pattern, leaving the papery layer on the wall. Then we perforate and steam. It slides right off with a little help from our scrapers. It's easier than I thought it would be . The toughest part is that they actually papered behind the window trim and the cabinets, as well as, caulked over it by the back splash.  Those are the spots that are taking us a while to do. When all is said and done it will look much better without the dated paper, despite the dated cabinets.  The appliances will be replaced before we move in because they are older than I am,  I think.

Here is what it looked like two days ago:

The paper was actually gold flowers with navy blue stripes. ick.

And here it is as of yesterday:

Tonight I finished the soffit above the sink and the back splash as shown in the picture. It was nice to be in the house alone. I opened the windows and listened to the night sounds instead of the radio. No one was calling "MOM!" and no TV was on. It was bliss minus the wallpaper paste stuck to my hair.

Thanks for everyone's comments, by the way. It is so fun to read and respond to you all!



  1. This is awesome- I'm so glad I'm getting in on the beginning. I'm so excited to see all you do to this house- it's an AMAZING house!

  2. I think I have tried every wallpaper removing technique known to man at some point in my life. It seems that it is always a trial and error process... I guess each room is different. It must feel great to be making such progress. Well done!


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