Days of Chalk and Chocolate: Halloween Glam Wreath

Halloween Glam Wreath

I love fall. Adore it, actually.  While we dated, Jim and I would spend our falls hiking and watching the foliage change color. I've been a little bummed that all of our fall decor is in  a POD in our driveway. It's like my mercury glass pumpkins and other lovelies are being held hostage by the POD people who don't want me to have a festive home.  I know I just have to be patient. So in the meantime I created a wreath for Halloween but I didn't want it be too literal. I wanted it to be a bit glam and a bit creepy. I settled on black and white because I love black and white. I used some leftover linen to make what I hoped would look like mummy wrappings and, surprise surprise, I hot glued an assortment of fabric flowers that I embellished with lots of sparkles and pearls. Guess that's the glam part.  It will look fierce when my door is painted black!  Oh and it was really hard to take pictures. If the white part wasn't too bright then the black flowers were too dark and vice versa. My camera isn't fancy so I did the best I could.

I'm pretty happy with it!  I'm really loving looking at everyone's fall and Halloween projects, too. It's such a fun time of year!