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Final Walk Through Tomorrow

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I'm so nervous for tomorrow. I have a sort-of interview at a really great school district in the area for substitute teaching.  I can't wait to get back in the classroom but this whole thing is making me nervous for some reason...not sure why. I am a good teacher!  I love talking about teaching. Why am I nervous?  Oy.

But the big news is that it seems that we will be home owners (again) by Thursday!  Am I jinxing it?  I hope not. We go to the house to do the final walk through tomorrow and we have the closing on Thursday afternoon.  I know we are all excited and I know Molly will be happy to be settled in her own space again. I fear this move was harder on her than I expected and so I hope that she feels better when we are in a place forever.

So here it is! 

The outside is bland but I do plan on painting the door black. Of course we'll put pretty urns and mums on the front stoop for fall and we will change up the landscaping come spring.  Also, these pictures were taken in the winter/early spring before anything had bloomed.  But it's on the prettiest street and it has a large, tree-filled yard. I think it will be a good place for us. 

Give me any of your exterior sprucing up ideas that don't entail re-siding!


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  1. Best of luck on your interview and congratulations on the purchase of your home!


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