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Kitchen Inspirations

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We are done taking the wallpaper down!  We are done cleaning the wallpaper paste off the walls!  We are done spackling the gauges in the wall board from our scraping!  It was a huge job!  I hope I never have to do it again now that it's almost over (still have the powder room to do...sigh). Already the kitchen is a million times better! 

Now it's perfectly clean. Even the spots around the outlets.

And my sweet James took down the tiles above the stove that turned out not to be Dutch children at all but rather, peasants from the middle ages gardening (that's right. Read that sentence as many times as you really does say "peasants from the middle ages gardening"). So my apologies go out to the Dutch children of the world! 


There was a big metal piece glued to the wall to hold the tiles.
It took off some of the wall board. Nothing that
can't be repaired!

GNARLY!!!  See ya, stove!

We came home after it was all over and I had a healthy snack of fruit as a reward. Ok, fine. Cool Whip out of the container with a spoon. And then we laid on the couch until it was time to go to my sister's to get fed.  We lead a sweet life. : ) 

So I'm here looking for inspiration for the kitchen and found these on Pinterest. I decided I'm going to take a few risks in this house I wasn't brave enough to do in our first home.   The kitchen can't get worse, I figure, so why not do a color I wouldn't have been brave enough to do before or take down a few cabinets to try out open shelving (my mother is shaking her head right now, "Don't do it. You aren't neat enough to do that.")  These inspiration pics are from Pinterest but I did link them each back to the original website from which they came.

Love the brown/white combo

This is the brown I'm going to try to do in the kitchen. 
Eventually we'll install 6ft tall beadboard along the breakfast nook walls
 so the brown will be more of an accent really.

Love everything about this. Love the kitchen cabs, love the counter,
 but I pinned it for the shelving.

Doing a subway tile back splash. May do marble if we can manage it.
Otherwise, just plain old subway tile. Can't wait.
 Planning on doing a herringbone pattern above
 the stove where the peasant tiles used to be.

Just a dream picture. Don't love the wall color but everything else is ok by me.
Hopefully we'll have paint pictures to show you all this week. I also have a Halloween wreath finished and some cute vintagey looking crates I worked on. As long as I can get some good pics I'll post those projects too!


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