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Guest Blogger: Sarah at Home Sweet

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Happy Easter!  We had a very busy but blessed day.  So many of us were in church that we took 3 pews at church and it was so special. I served a traditional ham dinner and the cousins all played outside all afternoon.  I hope your day was joyful!

Sarah from Home Sweet is visiting today while I entertain my family in from North Carolina. I love her furniture transformation and I bet you will too!  Thanks for guesting here today, Sarah!

Hi!  I am so thrilled to have been invited as a guest blogger over on Days of Chalk and Chocolate!

My name is Sarah, and I blog over at Home Sweet.  Home Sweet is my little corner of the blogosphere to share the projects (small, large, and everything in between) that I've been working on lately... decorating, gardening, kids' activities, organizing... and also some amazingly cute pictures of the fam!  I'm so excited to share with you today one of the larger projects that I've attempted.
These cabinets have been a part of my bedroom decor for as long as I've been married.  I inherited them with the marriage:

Yikes, I know.  They're mammoth-sized pieces of bad 90's laminate furniture (or maybe 80's?), and they needed some serious love.  Or the dumpster.

I like the storage that they provide, though, so I decided to try to paint those bad boys.  Why?  Well, I reasoned that if the project really didn't turn out, then I hadn't lost a whole lot.  So I gave it a go. 
I found some great tutorials via Pinterest.  Centsational Girl recommended priming with oil based primer and painting with water based paint.  So here we go.

After removing the drawers and hardware,

and giving both pieces a light sanding,
I primed them:

And then painted them with my color -- Freshwater, by Sherwin-Williams.  First coat:

And second coat.  I let that dry overnight, then added hardware.  I bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby (50% off, woohoo!) and made rope drawer pulls for the drawers.

Here's a close-up of those knobs:

And how did it turn out?  I'm pretty happy with it.  Instead of an eyesore, it's now something that pleases me every time I look at it.  I guess that's a good definition of a successful project!
If you enjoyed reading about this project, I'd love for you to stop by and see some of the other stuff I've been working on lately:

Thanks to everyone for hopping over to check things out, and a big thanks to Days of Chalk and Chocolate for the invite!  Hope you guys have an awesome week!



  1. Those look incredible! I love tutorials like this - they give me so much hope/inspiration that maybe I can make an adorable home when I'm first starting out. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I like what you did to them. I like them more now. Good Job!


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