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It's Hot

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NJ is hot right now. Not just hot as in  Jersey Shore is on all the time and The Real Housewives of NJ is starting again soon. I mean like "pass me some tissues to stick in my armpits" hot.  (aren't you glad you read that?)

Anyway, Molly and Ellie ran through the sprinkler. It was Ellie's first time and she loved it!   I didn't even have her bathing suit unpacked so I let her run in her clothes. She giggled and just had a blast.  Molly practiced ballet leaps over the sprinkler and then made Jim change it from one type of sprinkler to another 400 times. Good times, good times.

Stay cool!


  1. So adorable! What beautiful children you have, Jenny!!!

  2. your children are beautiful and you take fabulous photos! sounds like a fun day!

  3. Those photo's are excellent. Makes me wanna be little again. thank you for sharing

  4. Adorable pictures! That last one is definitely frame worthy. It would be FANTASTIC in black and white on a gallery wall. For real. Such stinkin' cute girls you have. Just want to pinch their cheeks. :)

  5. so cute! I don't let my kids play in the water til it hits 90 ;) LOL you're nicer than I am. I gave you an award on my blog.


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