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Guest Posting at Chic on Shoestring!

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How was your weekend?  Ours was great!  We got so much gardening done because we dug out the water table for the girls to play with while we worked. It was a success. I know this not because we planted oodles of flowers but because Molly changed her clothes 4 times this afternoon and 4 yesterday. I also know this because by the end of the afternoon on both days Ellie was down to her diaper, wet socks, and 1 sandal. 

Did I tell you what our neighbors gave us?  Their giant wooden play set. SHWING!  We had one that we bought off CL and Jim spent a week sanding and restaining it. It was so pretty and Molly loved to play on it. But it's small. And not here. It is sitting in a million pieces in Jim's brother's backyard about 2 hours away since we couldn't use it while we were living in the apartment. Our neighbors wanted to get rid of their big fancy one and offered it to us which we happily accepted!  So then it was in our backyard in a million pieces. My awesome brother-in-law called and told Jim he had a free afternoon and would he want to work on putting the play set together?  UM. YES. YES. YES. So they worked on it most of the afternoon and now it's 3/4 of the way done!  My brother-in-law rocks for many many reasons.

Anyway, Kate from Chic on a Shoestring is on a vacation and she put a call out for guest bloggers. I was beyond happy to get her email letting me know that she would be posting my guest post while she was away!  Yippee!  I adore her site, don't you?  It posted on Saturday but here is the link if you want to see mine and the other guest bloggers that are her guests!

See you soon!

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  1. This is great news. Thank you for sharing. Have fun doing your guest blog.


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