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Time For A Smile: You know you're a blogger when....

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You know you're a home/decor/DIY blogger when...

Your kids know better than to start to eat the dessert before you've taken a picture of it.

You have your own parking spot at Michael's, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby.

Your husband asks YOU for how-to advice.

Cake in a jar? Bah. You can do an entire Thanksgiving dinner in a jar.

You have something chevron, something yellow & gray, and something pouffy made from tissue paper or coffee filters in your home as we speak.

You fear the demise of books due to technology not because you have a romantic attachment to them but because you may not have enough pages to make wreaths.

And speaking of wreaths, you can make one out of anything including plumbing tubes, pool noodles, and wire hangers.
You know what ASCP stands for.

The only item you own more of than mason jars is Heirloom White spray paint.

You think it's insane that people actually purchase light fixtures.

Your garage  currently contains 4 dressers, 2 brass lamps, a pallet, 3 headboards, a "vintage" wing chair, and multiple old crates.  It does not have a car in it.

You get giddy at the idea of bulk garbage days in your neighborhood.

You accidentally tell your husband you'll show him some linky love later.

Now add yours!



  1. ha ha ha so true! Esp about the husband and the DIY stuff. He told me "you can't do that!" and said "oh yes I can" for a project. and it worked. he HATES taking me to the hardware store :P

  2. This is hilarious - I laughed out lout!


  3. LMAO over this one! Very funny post! You also know you are a blogger if you were formally computer illiterate and can now edit HTML WHILE making a turkey dinner in a jar! ~ Maureen

  4. Oh snap, that's funny. Especially the part about the garage. Have you been spying on me? You know you're a blogger when you take pictures of everything that might be a post topic. Or have to set a timer to remind yourself to start doing "real" work.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Lol, love this list. My addition would be "you know all the types and favors of m&ms and Hershey's kisses (including seasonal)". :)

  6. Ha! Loved this list. I am a culprit of everything that you listed. Love it! I also love your snarky style. Your posts make me laugh! Keep up the good work!


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