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Our (not really) Tragic Event

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Our first floor is a series of circles. Each room has two or three doorways and it creates several loops that my husband children love to run around. Two days ago Jim was leading the chase with Molly following.  The floors were shaking. The walls were shaking. sigh. You can see where this is going right?  So I'm just about to yell to stop running when we all heard it.

What could it be?  My china from the open shelves on the hutch?  A picture from the gallery wall?  My father's barrister bookcase with the glass doors?

Nope. Worse.

My gold ampersand!  HORRORS!

It's in 3 pieces now. He laughed. LAUGHED. It was nervous laughter, I'll grant him that, but still. Things got ugly.

Things are happy again. But I can't help but get sad at the blank spot where my gold ampersand sat.

Hug your ampersands extra tight and keep them safe.

Cheers to a good weekend!


  1. Ugh....I'm sorry! I've had stuff broke by my husband and children so many times! It's so frustrating! Hopefully it will lead to something else completely fabulous going in the place where the amperstand was!

  2. Awe! :( Poor ampersand. If you can find a replacement maybe try the 3M velcro to the wall? I'm with Katie. 99% of the time something breaks, the guilty party is either adult male or kids. ;)

  3. Awww! After a brief period of mourning, you'll find something wonderful to fill the void. I find it even worse if I'm the one to break a cherished object. Then, there is no one to vent on! ~ Maureen

  4. i think i have the same one? sorry yours was taken from you so soon. make him get you another.

  5. My grown kids still quote me when they come to the house now..."I can't have anything with you kids around" I'm so sorry, I don't know how big that one is but they have some very similar at Hobby Lobby. Sorry!

  6. How sad...I had a gold A that fell of the wall, so I know how naked the wall looks when it's gone!


  7. Girl... I can't count the stuff that my kids have broken from horseplay. My mercury glass that I got for my mantle in the office... Didn't last a week before they had slammed a door and it fell off. Never ends. Almost makes one want to give up on decorating until they're out of the house. Keyword: Almost. LOL!!!

  8. guess this answers the age old question "why can't we have anything nice!?" so sorry to hear of your loss. hope you find another soon!

  9. My mother used to say, "I can't have anything nice!" I now catch myself saying the same thing! Sorry to hear about your ampersand! Hopefully it can be replaced. Maybe this will help with your loss...
    I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to Days of Chalk and Chocolate.
    You've been such a kind and sweet person to me and I appreciate you!
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