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Keepin' It Real Tonight

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I am in the mood to speak some truths.

So why do you read blogs?  It occurred to me why I do.  I'm nosy. I love driving down fancy streets at dusk because you can see inside people's houses and see how they decorate. It helps if your husband drives so you can really peek.  That's why I read blogs. It's the web equivalent to a decorating drive-by.   And I'm such a voyeur that I don't want to stop at your decorating. I also want to see what you served at your daughter's birthday party. I want to see what you wore to your son's graduation. I want to see your cute husband and your vacation pictures. I even want to see your messy dishes in the sink and kids crying in the background.

You know what else I realized?  I probably wouldn't be a crafter if I had lots of money.  I craft stuff so I can have what I want at a quarter of the price. I wish I could just go and buy that pouf-yarn wreath-rolled flower brooch-ruffled pillow from you through your Etsy store. But that's not happening so I craft. I sew, paste, glitter, stain, sand, and paint.  But I don't always like to do it.

Hmm, what else.  Oh here is one I've been hiding for a while.  I'm not sure how I feel about chevron. WHAT WHAT WHAT???  Please be my friend still.  I am just not sure about it though. I love it in all your pics. I adore the curtains, the rugs, the tables, the pillows, etc. that I see you all create. But I can't seem to weave it into my decorating. What is wrong with me? I should see someone, right?  A professional?

In other news Jim ripped out a bunch of old gnarly bushes this weekend and now we can go plant other stuff. Yay!

Dumb dead tree that looked dumb.

This giant, overgrown thang is gone now!  I am thinking of planting a lilac bush in its place.

Just cause.

What are your truths?  I'd love to know.   Not that I'm nosy or anything.



  1. I can never seem to have all my rooms looking good at the same time! I can't get them synchronized ;)

    I feel ya on the tree thing. We have spent more money having trees removed! My word. I hate spending money on that stuff. So un-fun.
    (big, giant ones we can't do) Like house crushers.

    (Shh.. I don't have a single chevron item in my entire house. Don't tell though kay?)

  2. I'm totally a decor drive-byer!...sp?

    Once I met someone on the loop next to our loop, and I almost said, "oh, you're the one with those really cute blue shelves"....ya, luckily I thought before I said it, because that would have been a little weird. haha.

  3. I'm with you on the chevron, although I don't always like to look at it. I have a thing against strong, repetitive patterns. You may want to think twice about the lilac bush. I had one that looked like what you just pulled out. They send up sucker shoots every year and really have to be trimmed back to look good. Unless I can plant one in a spot and not worry about it overtaking everything around it, I'll never have one again.

  4. Put me in the non chevron group too. Seems too trendy to me. I will probably love it when it is out of style and the shelves at the thrifts are over flowing with the cast offs. I hear rumblings that brass is making a come back. Not sure if I will jump on that bandwagon :-) Your take? Love your blog btw!! Have a wonderful week!

  5. I guess I am on the "bandwagon" non chevron lover...don't hate...but, don't it seems everyone else does :) So funny that you mentioned that. I love this post...cute!

  6. My truth? I can't seem to ever finish anything in its entirety - there is always some little thing left to to do - too much of a rush to move on to the next thing ( I just posted about this today, lol )Sometimes I list things for sell and they aren't quite finished so have to run and attach handles or wax - or sand a little more before the customer gets here.
    And I am going against the trend here, but I LOVE chevron / herringbone - so much in fact that when we had our new floors installed I inquired on a chevron pattern ( but far far too expensive )
    And I am also a night voyeur - luckily for me in my neighbourhood hardly anyone closes drapes - and I walk along critiquing or making mental notes to copy something I like..............if only people knew, lol

  7. I suppose I shall have to unsubscribe to you now that I know the truth. Then again, I may be able to live with it all since you didn't give your husband a cute name like, "Most Perfect, Thoughtful, Helpful, Handsome Man On The Planet". Just Jim works for me. Oh, and I not only look in windows, I listen in on restaurant conversations. I look on it as living books I'm reading. ~ Maureen

  8. You had me cracking up. :) I craft because I love making things myself, but I feel that way about painting, as in artistic painting, not furniture. I'm good at it, but I don't really love it. My chevron confession is that I bought a few yards of fabric a year ago and can't bring myself to actually use it. Pixie is adorable!

  9. I like blogs because I'm nosy too {oh and I love seeing cute pictures of other people's pets!} I totally agree with you on the crafting - sometimes it feels more like something I have to do rather than what I want to do. I would much rather spend my time searching all of those fabulous etsy stores! Thanks for the fun post!
    Jenn :)

  10. Too funny, I love your truths, similar to mine! As for Chevron, well I love it, I made I large Chevron canvas for my living room, and my hubby replied that Chevron was a gas station, and shouldn't be used for art, lol. Love your blog, come stop by mine sometime :)

  11. This cracked me up! I totally relate - there's nothing more fun than driving around at dusk, when all the lights turn on and you can see inside everyone's homes! LOL!
    And I LOVE looking into people's lives too;) What would we do without blogs?!

  12. Ha, Ha...I am so like you!!! I too love to drive by at night, and see in people's windows (I still can't believe some people don't shut them when it starts to get dark?) And I love to go trick or treating with my kids for the same reason :) And I like seeing chevron on other peoples houses...just not mine! Too funny I tell you!

  13. I follow too many blogs and I hate dried flowers and wall stencils (there, I'm glad I got that off my chest). I'm also distraught to see some wonderful furniture slapped with pastel paint and jazzy new fabric added. Or book torn up. I blog because I like knowing how to make stuff. I'd do it even if I had a lot of money. I'd just get someone else to tidy up the craft room...

    Thank you. This was therapeutic.

  14. Here is me, all behind and everything. I don't mind admitting that I am so far out of "fashion" that I never even know when something is "in". Is chevron a "thing"? Well, i just looked it up on Pinterest and I guess it is. . . I do not like it. No. Not. At. All. It makes me dizzy.
    I started blogging as a platform for writing - and then in order to have something to write about, I started MAKING things - I've had the things I wanted to make rolling around in my head for EVER and blogging has given me the excuse to actually make them happen! I'm loving it!


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