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Fabric Pumpkin

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I found a fabric pumpkin pattern on Pinksuadeshoe.com that looked simple enough. Her tutorial was clear and I appreciated the easy pattern. So I dug in my scrap fabric and decided to stay with my little black and white theme and used some black/white polka dot linen and white eyelet. The stem is totally wrong and I just fudged it so I wrapped it with some silk pumpkin leaves and vine tendrils I made. Actually I liked those better than my pumpkin. I'll have those in a tutorial soon too.

So here it is. I said yesterday that I thought it looked drunk. Today I guess it looks hungover. HA HA HA HA HA! If I had a day job I wouldn't quit it.

Hi Stem! Hi Leaf!

I'm proud that I'm venturing past pillows but I'm not thrilled with my neatness.  I am determined though and plan on making another in other prettier colors.

In other news, Molly has been asking me to fill a room with balloons so they can play with them. She's asked me for weeks so today we did it. It was great for 34 seconds and then I was left with this, which incidentally is only about half.

Ok then!

And I do plan on starting a link party next week! I would appreciate any suggestions for a catchy title other than what I'm coming up with which so far is this:
Stuff I Spray Painted
Stuff I Made into New Stuff
Stuff I Found in the Garbage but Now It's My Stuff Because I Spray Painted It
Stuff I Made That My Kids Will Leave on The Floor

Hmmmmm, not sure that's these are the exact direction I want to go.   We'll see!



  1. "Stuff I make that makes my husband shake his head"

    "I finally finished a project in less than a month"

    "caution: hot glue burns ahead"

    Just some thoughts from my recent crafting ;)

  2. Those are so cute! I love the black and white fabric. Thanks for linking up to Scatter Girls.


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