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We had a very busy weekend. I was at my sister's house the whole time because she and her husband took a way overdue (15 years!) weekend away without their kids. I stayed with her teenagers who are just turning into such awesome people. My nephew is 15 and my niece is 13 and I love being with them. Both are genuine, witty and show integrity always. I'm so proud of them! But poor Jim was on his own with painting the house. It's coming out lovely though! The family room is DONE. The living room is DONE. The kitchen is almost done. The girls' rooms are DONE. We hope to move in this weekend! EEK! Can't wait!

I haven't done anything remotely crafty or DIY and cooking amounted to warming up fried chicken. But I have to get my you know what in gear because the week after we move in is Halloween which is also Molly's birthday!! She is having her first friend party this year and it's all about fairies so we have to deck it out in tulle and fluff and fairy junk!

And I was reminiscing about Halloween last year, Ellie's first, and came across these pictures. Molly was a witch and wore a long ballerina style tutu that I made and Ellie was Ellie. Her costume fit perfectly! : ) Isn't her hair a trip? It was like that for the first 8 months of her life. Nothing made it lay flat! 

This year we'll have a bride and a lion!  Can't wait to see everyone's little goblins all dressed up!



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