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More NJ love and Vintage Freebie

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My first subbing position went as well as could be expected! It was weird to know no one and have to get used to a new everything. But the kids were as cute, silly, bored, entertaining, and funny as any other I've ever taught. The best part, though, was the actual school. It was amazing!! It was a newer building so it had central air (I've never taught in a school with air conditioning ever!) and space beyond space. When I taught basic skills I did it in a renovated closet or the hallway. This was different...she had her own classroom with updated technology, materials, and a huge desk! What a treat! And all the teachers I spoke with were delightful! The principal seemed genuinely glad to be there and was smiling every time I saw him. The parents were happy, the kids were happy, the staff was happy and it made me realize once again that NJ schools are bringing it!! I am so proud to be a NJ teacher and so proud to someday send my children to school here. And I am also so proud to live in communities that value their teachers and schools and support them in all ways. ROCK ON NJ PEEPS! (disclaimer: I am in no way implying that schools in other states are not rocking on. I just have experience only in NJ. Feel free to add your own ROCK ON for your state in the comments!)

Now back to what is truly important (HA HA HA I KID!) and look at what I scammed for free at a yard sale last weekend.

It isn't as old as I would have liked and it needs some cleaning up. Oh and it needs to have the lid put down and we can't figure out how. But who cares?  It was free!  And will look very cool hanging out in my living room or in our office.  I also grabbed some hideous plaques that will make incredible chalkboards or some type of art for the girls' playroom. I have to take a pic soon of those to show you the complete hideousness. It's really hard to describe.

Have a super weekend! 

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  1. I am happy for you your first subbing assignment went well!

    OMG I just blogged about wanting a vintage typewriter...lucky you! you really scored big!


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