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Ruffles are huge right now but in general I don't go for them in my furniture. I like clean, straight lines and crisp edges. However, we have a brown pleather ottoman that opens to hold whatever...right now toys. It is starting to grate on my nerves. It's so brown and so pleathery and so boring and so blah blah blah. So tonight I got inspired and sewed a ruffled slip cover for it. It was not easy in that I wanted maintain the integrity of the ottoman so I had to finagle it. It isn't finished so I am not posting it yet. Tomorrow is another day.

So in the spirit of ruffles, check these out!


This may be the cutest dress in the history of the world. I am so in love with it! 

PaulaAndErika's Etsy Shop

Yeah mine looks just like that. An exact replica. not.

Country Living

I have loved these slipcovers since I first saw this picture eons ago. I love how they pool on the floor.
I think this lady has too many but whatevs. And let's all sit down with bowls of spaghetti in that room.
Then we'll have chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. It will be a hoot. But I digress...
Frito Lay

HA HA HA!  No but seriously, this is the only chip to eat with dip.

Full Bloom Cottage
I love the raw edges on these curtain ruffles!  So much easier than all that hemming/surging stuff


My wedding was very unruffly but if it was ruffly this is the cake I would have chosen!  It's lovely!

The Chloe Conspiracy

Actually this is me going about my daily business. This was either after I changed
Ellie's 3rd poopy diaper of the day or on my way to get Molly from preschool.
Aren't I fabulous? And insane? Because there is no way this is me. sigh.  The blouse rocks.

Blue Robin Cottage

I love the colors and pretty much everything about it. Oh surprise, it has fabric flowers!

So those are my ruffly inspirations!  I hope to finish my slipcover tomorrow!

Have a great day!


  1. Ah, forget the outfit. Go for the purse. They always FIT!

  2. I so love ruffles!! Great inpirations!!

  3. I now want Ruffles for breakfast...the chips I mean ;)

  4. I want that cream shirt! Oh my gosh that is adorable

  5. I love the chair covers with the ruffles at the bottom. VERY big improvement! I'm sure they look lovely in your house!!! And I LOVE that ruffled cake! Keep up the good work, Jenny!


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