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House Update Pics

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Are you sick of this yet?  It seems like we've been "working" for weeks but there is no end in sight!  We removed wallpaper in the kitchen, scraped the walls, washed them, spackled the house, primed most of the rooms, primed the family room with paneling which was not quick, painted two coats of a snowy white on the paneling, painted the two girls' rooms, sanded-primed 3x-sanded-painted-sanded-painted the kitchen cabinets, and yet these pictures don't look too much different from what I showed you last week. It's hard to live in two places and to do this with the kids around. Ellie doesn't have much patience and Molly is starting to get tired of it too. Jim took off tomorrow and Monday and he's hoping to bang out a bunch of the trim painting and finally get to painting the living room and dining room. Then we can think about moving long last!

Potential colors for the kitchen. I want a dark brown/grey and eventually we'll put up 6ft bead board.

Different angle and they look different!

Cab boxes finished!  Jim needs to get in there and clean up my mess!  Love him!

Bank of cabinets opposite from sink

Refrigerator nook

Family Room walls finished. Will work on trim now. It's not a pure white so the trim, which will be ultra white, will look slightly different from the walls.
Other side of family room

Molly's room. It's a Martha Stewart color called Ballet Slipper and it's dead on the color of ballet slippers. I love it. It's pink but with the slightest brown undertone so it's not babyish or bubblegum.

Other side of Mol's room

Ellie's room--same color as Molly's. I have plans for each of their rooms though and the color will be the only thing in common. I just loved it so much I wanted them both to have it!

Other side of Ellie's room
My crazy veiny pumpkin! Love it!

There he is again. The ugly duckling of pumpkins. The pumpkin that belongs on the Island of Misfit Toys. Perfect.
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    I think my favorite thing about blogs is seeing photos of people redoing their homes. Good luck with picking out the color.


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