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House Progress

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I mentioned here once that I am going to take a few more risks in this house than I did in my first one. In general, we are conservative and careful people. We don't do risky things and it takes a lot for us to think outside the usual box.  I had a gold sash on my wedding gown and I thought I was quite rebellious. What would my great aunts say??  To be honest,  I always want to do something different but in the end I usually cave and play it safe.  Well that girl can go scratch! This girl wants a dark brown kitchen with 6 ft white bead board and by golly (wha??) she's doing it.  Ok, enough speaking in the third person.  I know everyone in my world thinks I'm a little nuts to make my kitchen a dark color, especially when my floor is so dark.  But I really don't care.  Here it is after 1 coat of Valspar Deep Mink!

This was actually the painting in progress...obviously!

This is still wet so it is a little darker now. And we put on the second coat so it looks luscious and dark.

When we are all done you won't see so much brown, actually. The eating area will have the bead board and we are going to install a white subway tile back splash.   I am in love with the color and I'm so glad I took the plunge!  Not to mention the fun of painting with what looks like Hershey's syrup!

In other news a local photographer who is trying to build her portfolio asked if she could take some pictures of Molly in a wild patch of zinnias she found. So here are pics I took while she was taking real pictures with a huge kick butt camera.

Isn't it lovely?

And Jim cleaned up the newly painted family room and I started to decorate my mantel for Halloween. I still can't get to my usual stuff because we haven't unpacked but I'm making do. I'll show you this week!



  1. Dramatic paint color! Will look great! She's gorgeous! Love the last photo!

  2. I flipping love the color- and with white beadboard,back splash & cabinets, it won't be that dark.

    Where in the world do you fine a wild patch of zinnia's?

  3. That brown paint looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see how the kitchen looks when it is all finished. Your girl is beautiful too. :)

  4. I love the color, it looks great! And the photos are wonderful!


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