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Painted Fireplaces--Inspirations

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I can't stop thinking about painting my fireplace.  I keep looking at lovely, clean, modern looking fireplaces and feeling like the only girl in class wearing the fake Keds from Kmart.  Check these out.

Better Homes and Garden

Love the white against white.  A red brick fireplace would make
this room more ordinary

The Brick House
White isn't the only option. Look at this lovely dark painted fireplace. It's chic in a sort of masculine way. 
The James Bond of fireplaces, if you will

Addicted 2 Decorating

Love the creamy color against the pale aqua. Lovely!

This room wouldn't be the same with a big dark red brick thang.
There is not one thing in this room I don't love. Love Love Love.

Homemade Ginger

The fireplace joins the built ins as a focal point for a seamless
and cohesive look.  Left unpainted it would have been the pimple on a nose

 Young House Love

Classic. Still lovely after all this time, lol. 
The soft buttery color is soothing and bright at the same time.

Design Sponge

I just love this. I know it isn't painted brick but it doesn't matter.
It should be mine.

Flaunt your brick fireplace. Link in your comments and I'll check them all out!


  1. That last fireplace is amazing!! I could see that in my master bedroom, oh wait we don't have a fireplace in there ;0)
    Thanks for stoppping in...yes the days of atari, I used to love playing at my friends since my parents wouldnt buy one. How things have changed. Enjoy your day!

  2. My living room is nothing special, but I figured I would show you since it is painted:

    (We don't always have a bike in the living room or a birthday sign on the wall. ;-) )

  3. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog!! I'll be sending good "fireplace painting" vibes your way!! Bribe hubby with a recliner like I did!!


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