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Some Favorite Projects

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I am having one of those days. Do you ever have those?  I mean those days when it seems you have the only kids that misbehave and everyone has it all together but you?  I don't need to relive the details but sometimes I wonder if all the other moms in the world are secretly pointing at me and whispering, "Did you see how Molly just talked to her?  And did you notice she fed her children unlocally grown, non-organic, full of sugar snacks?  And when will she lose her baby weight?  It's been 5 years.  And how does she keep her floor crunchy and sticky at the same time?" 

I am leaving the dishes in the sink so I can catch up on all the great projects I'm seeing out in the Blogiverse.  I am going to forget the fact that Ellie's dinner consisted of canned pears (since she dumped everything else over the highchair) and that I have contraband in my room consisting of a Snow White gown and ladybug costume and I'm going to enjoy all these amazing projects! And I think I'll enjoy my second glass of Diet Coke while I'm at it. Living la vida loca.


I love this pillow at Refresh Style. It's festive, bright, easy, and I dig the pom poms in a big way. I love how easily you could adapt this to other seasons or holidays too!  If I had a couch that wasn't covered in Pillow Pets and Elmo toys I would so do this.

Holy YUM, Batman!  Check out these pumpkin french macaroons from Yummy Mummy. I must eat these now because you know they must taste fantastic. They have to...they are too cute not to be perfection!  And isn't that such a pretty picture?  I feel like I should be able to just sit down and eat one. But I can't. I know I can't because that table is clean. Mine currently holds a year supply of maple syrup on it (and not in a bottle).  But maybe I need to try to make these anyway!

Did you know I like to decorate with fabric flowers?  I know, I need to share more. I'm a vault. Anyway, I love these felt flowers from Alililly. I really love the whole wreath but those flowers in those pretty fall colors really caught my eye. Maybe someday I'll try to make a fabric flower.

I've been saying I am going to make a pumpkin topiary every year and yet there is not one to be found in my house.  Look at this great black and white version from An Inspired Space.   I love how elegant but spooky it is and it is inspiring me to stop dreaming of a topiary made from pumpkins and to make it my reality!  Or maybe a chocolate cake topiary?  Hmmmm, we'll see.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and it's really the first thing I think about when I wake up. Well that and wondering what I would name a cupcake store if I opened one.  Look at this fantastic breakfast from  The Little Birdie Blog.  It has hash browns and bacon and cheese. This is what love tastes like, right?  "I now pronounce you Bacon and wife."  And I'm pretty sure this is the thing that actually does taste better than thin feels. 

So those are the little bits that made me happy today.  That and Ellie is starting to use everything as a telephone by holding it to her shoulder, walking around and babbling.  It's those moments that get me through all the others!  Oh and tonight I offered Molly a grape tomato and she replied with "Don't mind if I do!"  Ok, you're off the hook. Here's your Snow White dress back.



  1. I vote for the chocolate cake topiary! Send me one too! I like your writing style! And thanks for featuring my pillow!

  2. Your so sweet for your wonderful comment and including my felt flowers!! That breakfast hashbrown egg and bacon amazingness looks so delish!!!! :)

  3. Haha! "I now pronounce you Bacon and wife," I love it!! I am definitely going to have to remember that one. Thanks so much for the feature!! :)

  4. Get out!
    Gimme one of those bacon treats!
    Looks darn good about now in the morning.
    Also love how you made those vintage crates.
    Well done!

    Adding myself.


  5. Aw, this had so much pizzazz shining through the ugly day. I second the writing style comment. You're very entertaining! And those breakfast thingers look like heaven.

  6. Your writing style rocks!!!!!!!!!


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