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Garage Sale Bargains

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We were at the house waiting for the new appliances to be delivered and I decided to run out quickly to buy some paper to line the shelves. Right around the corner from our neighborhood was a block sale that was supposed to have ended an hour prior. Luckily for me they decided to hang out a little longer!  Look at what I scored for a whopping grand total of $7!

I love my treasures.  I bought an old crate that I will just use to hold craft stuff, a long shelf (with scrolly brackets...SCORE) that is going to be painted and hung on the large wall in the kitchen, a white pitcher to go on the shelf, and that way cool old tool carrier thing. It's in ROUGH shape but I truly don't care. I'm filling it with dried hydranges as soon as I have a table to put it on.

Hope you all had a productive day too!

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  1. Love 'em all! You did really well!

  2. Awesome!
    Love a surprise tag sale =)
    Super feature on Laura's furniture from Our Prairie Home.

  3. love them! i wish i could find such great stuff at garage sales, but it's hard in my neck of the woods. i'm totally jealous!

  4. Those are some great finds...I can never resist a wall shelf...I have about one in every room lol...yours is gonna hold lots of treasures in your kitchen I'm sure...paint can sure make it your own too :)
    Big hugs,


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