Days of Chalk and Chocolate: Jim Turns 40

Jim Turns 40

My dear husband turns 40 today. We met when he was 22 and I was 21. At the time we were working in a residence with schizophrenic adults, teaching life skills and assisting with daily living. I was impressed by his integrity, gentleness, and honesty. And now, at 40, those traits are still those that make me admire him so. Jim is the best person I know and I was proud of the man he was at 22 and I'm so proud of the man he is at 40. 

He chose red velvet as his cake and I got to it last night. I'll post a few pics later when it's frosted. But I have a feeling I'll be cleaning up red food coloring for weeks to come. It is EVERYWHERE because I am the messiest baker ever.  Hopefully it will taste good and the food coloring disaster will be worth it.

I hope you have a blessed and beautiful Sunday!